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With the ELS-QB® ActiveX component you can put advance query builder interface in your Visual Basic application with just few lines of code. This interface will generate SQL statement in the same manner as Microsoft Access and SQL Server. Moreover, the latest version of the component comes with export APIs, to export query results directly in text, CSV, dBASE or XML.

Epsilon-Logic Systems' Query Builder ActiveX component
ELS-QB® ActiveX is a query builder component which gives your end-users the ability to create complex queries via intuitive visual interface

Main Features
  • MS-Access style query building visual interface
  • Run-time multiple database connection manager with built-in storage support
  • Data browser pane integrated with the Connection and other panes
  • View database object information or script in the Data Browser pane
  • Construct joins via simple drag-drop method using the Relations pane
  • MS-Access style group, sort, and criteria construction via the Columns pane
  • Columns toolbar combo-buttons comprising all the SQL functions including data conversion, date, aggregate, rounding, masking and other functions
  • Supports all database type including MS-Access, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, and all ODBC complaint OLE DB providers
  • Built-in file processing and file storage support for the manipulation of queries
  • Syntax colored SQL editor with advance editing features similar to the Visual C++ editor
  • Sophisticated SQL parser that will translate any valid SQL statement into the visual Relations and Columns panes
  • Show / Hide toggle buttons to maximize desired pane view
  • Integrate with your application by setting a few properties or a few lines of code
  • Complete editing and file processing external control over the ActiveX component
  • Call functions for exporting and printing the content of the SQL pane and query results
  • Call function to export the query result in HTML formatted output
  • API functions to export the query result directly in Delimited/Fixed Text, CSV (for Excel), dBASE III and XML file formats
  • Edit tables directly via the query result in the Result tab's grid
  • Royalty free run-times and sample application distribution